About Us

Nana’s House Soap is located in Lufkin, Texas since 2008.
We make our handmade soap completely from scratch, combining raw ingredients like local & tropical oils, goat milk, herbs and exotic vegetable butters in our own original recipes. The small differences from batch to batch and bar to bar to confirm the handmade charm of our craft.
We do not make medical claims for our soap, however, we do claim that we do not use irritants and preservatives which may cause or worsen some skin conditions to begin with. Often, people who have skin conditions and allergies find that using handmade soap can clear them up because their skin is no longer subject to the harsh chemicals often found in commercial soaps. Unless you are allergic to a specific ingredient in a particular soap we make you should find that the pureness of our soap will improve whatever skin problems you may have developed from the chemicals in commercial soaps and shower gels.
We cannot make cosmetic claims about our soaps either, because they are not cosmetics. You will have to decide for yourself whether our soaps leave your skin more silky, smooth, younger, moisturized and rejuvenated. Because our soap is 100% natural, it cleans extremely gently and will not dry out your skin. The richness of our ingredients will generally leave a bit of natural emollients on your skin after use.
If you have not tried one of our soaps, you owe it to yourself to test the difference. We make our soaps in small batches. The colors and swirl patterns change from batch to batch.